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Disputed Landscape: Uncovering History 

Anthony Haughey, Tatiana Lecomte, Jo Ractliffe, Ahlam Shibli, Efrat Shvili

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz



Landscapes are never simply there. Landscapes are always an expression of relationships. Landscape is a social covenant, a convention. In this nexus of relations and conventions, photographs play a central role. If landscape always represents a combination of aesthetic, social, economic, symbolic, and spatial elements, and photography "serves as a kind of relay connecting theories of art, language, and the mind with conceptions of social, cultural, and political value" (W. J. T. Mitchell), then a complex articulation of culture arises at the junction between landscape and photography: both associate that history with this view, that text with this identity, that memory with this place, that place with this history. Both landscape and photography embody a space where differences are yielded; both are linked to identity, memory, knowledge, history, and experience and provide a stage for related inscriptions.