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Yoshio Nakajima

Out of the Picture

Curated by Roman Grabner



Yoshio Nakajima (*1940) is among the pioneers of Happenings in Japan and Northern Europe, even though his name is missing from almost all anthologiesand art histories concerned. He is one of the great unknowns, who has always been positioned at the hub of avant-garde innovations, yet has been ignoredand forgotten by those who make art history – and history is always made. This retrospective is dedicated to his early performative works from the 1950s inJapan up to the 1970s in Europe.



Struggle and Passion

Japanese Colour Woodcuts

Curated by Peter Peer



The Neue Galerie Graz owns some 300 coloured woodcuts, mainly by Japanese artists, as well as several works of Chinese painters from the period from the end of the 18th to the 19th century. The variety of themes in Japanese art of this period is also reflected in several areas of the collection of the Neue Galerie Graz: Kabuki scenes show famous actors in characteristic roles, for instance. Ukiyo-e illustrations reflect the life and culture of Japan's bourgeois society and offers insight into a culture that appears exotic to us, and yet in some areas, modern.