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Stadtpark 1

8010 Graz

  • Production space
  • Exhibition space
  • Artists run
  • Artists' Association
  • Cultural Center
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Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 14:00-18:00

Opening hours during the Gallery Days 10-12.5.2024

Fri: All exhibition venues are open until 10pm.
Sat: All exhibition venues are open from 11am - 7pm.
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The FORUM STADTPARK is a place of production and presentation for contemporary art. This house, which is organized as an artist’s association, stands for a expanded definition of art and for an intersectional work in the following areas Architecture, Literature, Fine Arts, Photography, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Performance, Theory. Being a laboratory and a platform for numerous scenes of the Austrian and international cultural production is the claim of this house. The FORUM STADTPARK was created in 1959 among others by Othmar Carli, Gustav Zankl, Siegfried Neuburg, Emil Breisach and Günter Waldorf. They adapted the empty „Stadtpark Cafe“ for artistic events. Therefore the name FORUM STADTPARK describes the action group as well as the place with the address Stadtpark 1.Today about 190 events take place every year in FORUM STADTPARK – the bigger part with free entrance.

  • Exhibition

5/10/2024 - 6/7/2024

How To Become an Island

The Bootcamp

What would it take to make your body available for the survival and needs of another species? In THE BOOTCAMP edition, visitors are invited to transform their bodies and minds in order to become a suitable breeding ground for a tiny bird species, like the little ringe plover.

  • Artists:
  • Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA / di:tafa)
  • The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA / di:tafa) provides services and mediations between species. The agency formed in 2020 as an ecofeminist collective of five artists and designers, consisting now of Solmaz Farhang, Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Ege Kökel, Lena Violetta Leitner.
  • curated by:
  • Markus Waitschacher
  • Support:
  • Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz, BMKÖS

-> Opening FRI 5/10/2024 9:00 PM

  • How To Become an Island. The Bootcamp

-> Clubbing FRI 5/10/2024 11:00 PM

    Eclectic Loops Website Release
    Fee: € 8,00 <0:00> € 10,00

-> Tour SAT 5/11/2024 3:00 PM

  • Tour "Acquiring a taste for art... with FKK"
    Start 3:00 pm at GALERIE ZIMMERMANN KRATOCHWILL Veronika Hauer – Maja Babič Košir. Graz – Ljubljana
    Next stations:
    FORUM STADTPARK Danube Transformation Agency for Agency: How To Become an Island? The Bootcamp
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