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Gallery Schnitzler and Lindsberger

Rechbauerstraße 21

8010 Graz

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Thu, Fri 15:00-18:00

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+43 660/39 85 306



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Gallery Schnitzler and Lindsberger

Founded in 2016, Galerie Schnitzler und Lindsberger revitalizes the gallery landscape in Graz with works by international artists. The focus is primarily on paintings that move in the field of tension between representationalism, abstraction and other artistic media.

With their gallery, art historian Andreas Schnitzler and entrepreneur Georg Lindsberger would like to encourage people not to collect art primarily as an investment, but to perceive it as a special part of life that is always a source of pleasure and reveals new facets. In this sense, the Schnitzler and Lindsberger Gallery also promotes active engagement with visual art in the form of dialogical events, in which visitors can exchange ideas with other people interested in art and artists.

Following this credo, the location of the gallery was also deliberately chosen: The easily visible space in Graz's Rechbauerstraße is located directly opposite the Technical University. Through its large display windows, the art presented in it can be grasped almost in its entirety. This opening into the urban space is a special quality of this location.

  • Ausstellung

4/27/2022 - 9/2/2022

Erwin Polanc

This one is grellow.

Those who know more are able to see more, and the same goes for those who look at more, of course. This is the refreshing mode in which photographer Erwin Polanc moves through the world in recurring collaboration with designer Oliver Klimpel. Their collaboration is an enviable space station, this dazzling game with new concepts of image, space, design and art, which they develop further in installations, photo series, furnishings, publications, typeface designs or posters, each time moving an essential step forward. Subversively and productively, they direct their floating gaze at the aesthetic substances of the present. This one is grellow.

(Excerpt from exhibition text by Astrid Kury)

  • Artists:
  • Erwin Polanc
  • curated by:
  • Andreas Schnitzler