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Galerie Transit

Bürgergasse 11

8010 Graz

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Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 14:00-18:00

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General opening hours during the Gallery Days 13-15.5.2022

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Galerie Transit

Galerie Transit is an interface between artistic production and public reception, where exceptionally enriching, often hidden aspects of contemporary art push and penetrate to the public. The space at Tummelplatz eins offered an ideal ambience for painting. So it followed a necessity and a simple logic to present the large-format mountain paintings of Josef Taucher - this for the first exhibition of the Transit Gallery.

The Transit Gallery uses existing spaces that are potentially suitable for the presentation of art. At the moment the gallery Transit is guest in the Bürgergasse 11, in Graz, the presented works correspond now with this space. The interest in translation of currently pulsating currents into art, the knowledge of the power and effectiveness of artworks from the past and the curiosity for a future world of forms are the ground for the gallery Transit.

Gallery Transit stands for flexible presentation places, for the temporary stay of works in one place, for a strengthening, vigilant, enriching accompaniment of personal life paths.

  • Ausstellung

5/13/2022 - 6/4/2022

Rita Sammer

out of my head

In the exhibition "out of my head" Rita Sammer shows fragile spun plastic objects pulled out of her head. The immediate realisation of thoughts, as promised by brain-scan technology, for example, is the tool with which Rita Sammer develops her works. She transforms the spinning of thoughts into a plastic process and gives form to the patchy, fleeting thought processes with all their digressions and the imprecision and volatility of thoughts.

  • Artists:
  • Rita Sammer
  • Dora Sammer
  • curated by:
  • Barbara Edlinger
  • Support:
  • Stadt Graz Dr. Iris Stöckl