aktuelle kunst in graz is a network of art and cultural institutions in Graz. Here you can find details about the venues and the programme on display.
Grazer Kunstverein

Burggasse 4

8010 Graz

  • Gallery non-profit
Opening hours

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00-18:00

General opening hours during the Gallery Days 13-15.5.2022

Fri: All exhibition venues are open until 10pm.
Sat: All exhibition venues are open from 11am - 7pm.
Sun: All exhibition venues are open from 11am - 5pm.


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+43 316/834141


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  • stairs in the exhibition space
  • assistance available if needed

Grazer Kunstverein

Grazer Kunstverein is a cultural organization dedicated to the development, production and presentation of contemporary art. It was founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization in Graz.

Its ongoing exhibition program is dedicated to contemporary art. It is located in Palais Trauttmansdorff, Burggasse 4, near the historic city center of Graz and is a place for critical contemplation, active participation and social exchange as well as a dynamic production site. It is also an architecturally fascinating exhibition space.
Over the past thirty years the artistic program has developed into a distinctive voice in Austria as well as abroad. It operates through an intensive dialogue with international developments in contemporary art.

  • Ausstellung

4/9/2022 - 5/29/2022

we sat rigid except for the parts of our bodies that were needed for production

With we sat rigid except for the parts of our bodies that were needed for production, Grazer Kunstverein presents an exhibition that convenes the work of the late British experimental filmmaker Sandra Lahire and the Italian artist and designer Celeste Burlina. Coming from two distinct eras of feminist practice, their piercing meditations on the porosity of the body, labor, and environmental trouble enter a joint narrative.

  • Artists:
  • Sandra Lahire
  • Celeste Burlina
  • curated by:
  • Tom Engels
  • Support:
  • The exhibition is developed with the support of LUX, London.

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