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KULTUM. Center for contemporary art and religion

Cultural Centre of the Minorites

The KULTUM shows contemporary art with a special focus on religion, spirituality and existential issues.

In the rooms in the historic Minorite Monastery in Graz, which were redesigned in 2010, curated themed exhibitions, individual presentations and collections that have emerged from the exhibitions since 2000 are shown.

Works from this are sorted into ten imaginary museum rooms that illuminate different aspects of religion in contemporary art: the fragility of truth, a new look at Christian iconography today, ethics and aesthetics, the medialization of faith, fundamentalism and religion, the abyss of existence (and belief), death and finiteness, birth and beginning, medialization of the image and the (im) possibility of putting God in the picture today.

With these perspectives, since 2010 curator Johannes Rauchberger, who has curated the art program since 2000, has been building a collection that currently comprises around 700 works.

  • Exhibition

2/3/2024 - 5/26/2024

Zenita Komad: NEVER AGAIN WAR!

Zenita Komad's show "Never again war!" pleads for a new understanding between people of different ideological convictions, faiths and an interdenominational and interreligious spirituality. Peace tree and peace office, peace table and peace clock: the new works created for this show, which are complemented by works with strong text-image contrasts, are part of a joint exhibition with the MMKK - Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten.

  • Artists:
  • Zenita Komad
  • curated by:
  • Johannes Rauchenberger
  • Exhibition

5/11/2024 - 7/13/2024


Three words, three lines, with a number above them: Michael Endlicher's "drama sheets" are based on "alphanumeric codes". This is a technique that goes back to the Jewish Kabbalah, searching for a mysticism of the word and seemingly rationalising it. In the Minorite Centre, in the new staircase and in the museum rooms on the second floor, Endlicher sets multi-layered signs to language, dramatising it ironically: strong counterpoints promote equally strong new interpretations of this place.

  • Artists:
  • Michael Endlicher

-> Opening SAT 5/11/2024 12:30 PM

  • Michael Endlicher

-> Vortrag SUN 5/12/2024 1:00 PM

  • Zenita Komad: NIE WIEDER KRIEG!
    Curator‘s and artist‘s talk with Zenita Komad, lecture by Markus Mittringer

-> Tour SUN 5/12/2024 2:00 PM

  • Tour with Tanja Gurke
    Start 2:00 pm at QL-GALERIE Endri Dani
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