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Museum of Perception MUWA

Friedrichgasse 41

8010 Graz

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Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 13:00-17:30

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Museum of Perception MUWA

The Museum of Perception MUWA, founded by Werner Wolf in 1990, shows works of contemporary constructive, reductive art by established but also young artists, architecture and science in changing exhibitions parallel to the permanent exhibition of mainly visual perception installations.

The MUWA offers an extensive education programme and cooperates with artistic, pedagogical and university institutions on a regional, national and international level as well as their representatives within the framework of workshops, further education, lectures, readings, discourse events or concerts of contemporary music. All tasks related to the MUWA are documented and continuously published.
Visitors can use the reference library of art books and catalogues with a focus on reductive art. In the basement, the Samadhi bath, a deprivation tank for deep relaxation is available to those who are interested.

  • Exhibition

3/11/2023 - 8/25/2023


In her exhibition "THE REAL LINE" at the Museum of Perception MUWA, Austrian artist RENATE KRAMMER is showing drawings on paper from several series of the last five years. The artist has devoted her work to the horizontal line: "The longer I explore the line, the more possibilities open up. This leads to a canon that investigates things deeply and generates an almost infinite number of variations," she explains in a conversation with SILVIE AIGNER.

  • Artists:
  • Renate Krammer
  • RENATE KRAMMER, born 1956 in Klein St. Paul (Carinthia), lives and works in Kumberg, Austria. 1981 Graduated in business administration and business education in Graz. Since 1989 she has been working with painting, graphics, video, installation and photography. Four semesters of artistic design as part of architectural studies with Giselbert Hoke. Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, "From Painting to Photography and Back" with Rivka Rinn. Training with Helmut Helmessen, Hans Staudacher, Paul Rotterdam and Rebecca LittleJohn, among others. Exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, France. Collections: KULTUM depot Graz, Stadt Graz, Neue Galerie Graz, Arthothek des Bundes, MMKK Museum moderner Kunst/Kärnten, WKO Steiermark, Sammlung Quartier Leech, Sammlung Galerie Marenzi, Sammlung Wolf, various private collections Member: Forum Stadtpark, Künstlerhaus Wien, Kunstverein Kärnten Rpresented by: Galerie Leonhard, 8010 Graz http://www.galerie-leonhard.at/, Galerie La Ligne, Zurich http://www.galerie-la-ligne.ch www.renatekrammer.at
  • curated by:
  • Renate Krammer, Eva Fürstner, Sabine Richter, Werner Wolf

SAT 5/13/2023 1:00 PM

  • Guided Tour
    Guided Tour with Renate Krammer