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Neue Galerie Graz


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Neue Galerie Graz

Universalmuseum Joanneum

As a museum for modern and contemporary art with an extensive collection of works by Austrian and international artists from the 19th century to the present in a wide variety of media, the Neue Galerie Graz is dedicated to research on recent art history from the 19th century, with a separate focus in the art of the 20th century and numerous points of contact to the present day.

Exhibitions present central artist positions as well as topics from art history, whereby the deepened examination of the own collection and consequently the history of the museum in its changeable socio-political environment expands the view beyond art and opens up the museum as a platform for dialogue, where not only questions of art and Art history but a variety of subjects of general interest are discussed.

  • Ausstellung

10/15/2021 - 10/30/2022

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Fragile Feminist We

With the exhibition “Ladies First!the Neue Galerie Graz undertook an attempt in 2020/21 at a historical snapshot of local women artists from 1850 to 1950. The title of the follow-up exhibition “Ladies and Gentlemenis also taken from the context of gallantry the hollow phrases are popular, but also provocative, they intend a low-threshold approach to the subject.

The exhibition, which considers the period beginning in the present day reaching back to the 1960s, is international in perspective and based on the collection at the Neue Galerie Graz. The exhibition and collection history has resulted in differing priorities and nuances in terms of content, which, parallel to the general development, can be placed within the context of the feminism and gender debate. The fact that several gentlemen” are now mingling with the ladies” is thanks to the current discussion, as well as the specific exhibition history of the Neue Galerie Graz. In 1979, the Neue Galerie Graz, within the framework of the trigon Biennale, reacted to the so-called New Women’s Movement, in which female visual artists had been heavily involved internationally, with the exhibition masculin feminin. At the trigon ’79, however, one already followed the notions of the equality of the sexes, inviting female and male artists to participate in roughly equal measure.

Ladies and Gentlemen has now set itself the task of offering insight into essential social discourses of the last half century to the present day those of feminism, gender studies and queer theory. That this undertaking must perforce remain fragmentary, making no claims to completeness whatsoever, is self-evident, given the scope and complexity of this discourse. Rather, examples of formulations are on show that shed light and comment upon the discussion, both historical and present-day. Divided into five loosely-structured themes, the exhibition shows both international and Austrian positions from different generations, some of the works being well-known, others almost forgotten today.

  • Artists:
  • Madeleine Berkhemer, Renate Bertlmann, Monica Bonvicini, Louise Bourgeois, Trisha Brown, Nancy Burson, Sophie Calle, Linda Christanell, Ramesch Daha, DIE DAMEN, (Ona B., Evelyne Egerer, Birgit Jürgenssen, Ingeborg Strobl), Veronika Dreier, Eva & Adele, Sylvie Fleury, Brigitta Fritz/Karin Schöffauer, Sonja Gangl, Renée Green, Henriette Grindat, Elisabeth Gschiel, Maria Hahnenkamp, Susan Hefuna, Hertha Heidinger, Chris Hermann, Peter Gerwin Hoffmann, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Anna Jermolaewa, Martha Jungwirth, Birgit Jürgenssen, Soli Kiani, Kiki Kogelnik, Michaela Konrad, Renate Kordon, Brigitte Kossek, Metka Krašovec, Barbara Kruger, Elke Krystufek, Inez van Lamsweerde, Claudia Larcher, Maria Lassnig, Natacha Lesueur, Ulrike Lienbacher, Urs Lüthi, Petra Maitz, Elga Maly, Maryam Mohammadi, Pierre Molinier, Shirin Neshat, Friederike Nestler-Rebeau, Giulia Niccolai, Neša Paripović, Friederike Pezold, Pipilotti Rist, Míla Preslová, Ferry Radax, Lisa Reiter, Eva Rosha, Martha Rosler, Verena Rotky, Karoline Rudolf, Fiona Rukschcio, Niki de Saint Phalle, Eva Schlegel, Janice Sloane, Pépé Smit, Anita Steinwidder, Edda Strobl, Ingeborg Strobl, Sophia Süßmilch, Erika Thümmel, Milica Tomić, Nicole Tran Ba Vang, Gabi Trinkaus, Ulrike Truger, VALIE EXPORT, Matta Wagnest, Andy Warhol, Christine Weber, Peter Weibel, Clara Wildberger, Hermione Wiltshire, Jana Wisniewski, Xu Zhen
  • curated by:
  • Gudrun Danzer, Günther Holler-Schuster