aktuelle kunst in graz is a network of art and cultural institutions in Graz. Here you can find details about the venues and the programme on display.

Annenstraße 52

8020 Graz

  • Production space
  • Artists run
  • Cultural Initiative
  • Art collective
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Opening hours depend on the project

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+43 699 / 12 48 93 00


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  • stairs at the entrance
  • assistance available if needed

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RHIZOM is permanently established in Graz and conceives itself as a non-hierarchically organized collective. RHIZOM features the infracultural background for individual and collective artistic autonomy.

Our work focuses on international projects of cultural exchange on the one hand and on local conditions and ongoing events on the other. RHIZOM pursues intuitive, transdisciplinary and participatory context-art. The objective is to make our own cultural concepts more transparent, to perceive the “very different beast”, to find new points of contact and to connect what has not been connected in that specific way before. The artistic approach follows a process-oriented, open conceptual design, in which medial possibilities are being tested allowing for on-site reaction. In the end it is content which determines the medium.

Issues of form, conditions and value of non-commercial art-work are integral parts of RHIZOM-art.

  • Galerientage 2022: Impressions

Das ist ein Rückblick.

Foto: Clara Wildberger