aktuelle kunst in graz is a network of art and cultural institutions in Graz. Here you can find details about the venues and the programme on display.

Die nächsten Galerientage finden von 10. - 12. Mai 2024 statt.
< rotor >

Volksgartenstraße 6a

8020 Graz

  • Gallery non-profit
  • Exhibition space
  • Art Association
  • Cultural Center
  • Library
Opening hours

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 10:00-18:00

Sat 12:00-16:00

Wed until 22:00

Sundays and public holidays closed

Contact and Social Media


+43 316/688 306


Hashtags: #rotorgraz

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  • stairs at the entrance
  • assistance available if needed

Online material

Q & A - Ein Podcast für und von Jugendlichen

Ein Projekt der Modellschule Graz und aktuelle kunst in graz

Im Mai besuchte die 4. Klasse der Modellschule den <rotor>, um dort der Kuratorin Margarethe Makovec freche Fragen über ihr Engagement, die aktuellen Ausstellungen und ihren Arbeitsalltag zu stellen.

Q&A Podcast aus dem < rotor > / Modelschule Graz

< rotor >

Centre for Contemporary Art

< rotor > is a center for contemporary art located in Graz, Austria. We communicate contemporary art to a broad public, focusing on artistic works that explicitly deal with the social, political, ecological and economic questions of the present day.

Promoting cooperation and networked action are essential elements of the < rotor > philosophy. This concerns networking efforts within the art field but also means acting beyond the boundaries of art by involving people and organisations from different backgrounds in the programming.

The search for satisfactory methods of collaboration and possibilities of participation in artistic processes for the public in general or for specific target audiences is another main focus.

For < rotor >, the public space is an important setting to make art happen. Leaving the boundaries of the art space is used to actively bring people into contact with art and thus to expand the audience.