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Migrations of Fear

Azra Aksamija, Nika Autor, Lana Cmajcanin, Plamen Dejanoff, Petja Dimitrova, Alban Muja, Oliver Ressler, Ute Richter, Kamen Stoyanov, Clara Wildberger

Curated by Ilina Koralova and Boris Kostadinov




Migrations Of Fear is a multidisciplinary project, cooperation between artists and art institutions in Leipzig (Germany) – Future of Europe Society for Contemporary Art/Kunstverein Leipzig, Graz (Austria) – Forum Stadtpark, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) – Art Today Association for Contemporary Art, and Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia) – Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti (KGLU).

The project is a reaction to the actual political and social reality in Europe. It evolves around the real, phantom, individual or common fears in general, which have recently surfaced especially in relation to the refugee wave of the last two years. Those fears, and above all the ways the contemporary society could find in order to defeat them, are the spheres, which the exhibitions' series in the four cooperating countries intends to explore.